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I follow around 50 blogs, news sites and random feeds on my Google Reader. Whenever something catches my eye, makes me laugh or moves me I tend do drop a little star action on it. Here is a few of what caught my eye.

Cheat Sheet for Power Naps
from Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy

Fact: I love naps
Fact: Lifehacker is a remarkably useful site
Fact: I wish I was napping

Things to Do in the Belly of a Whale
from Everything And Nothing by Shawn Zehnder Lea

My lovely and close friend Shawn Lea provides us with Everything and Nothing. With multiple blog posts a day, ranging from deals to poetry it’s exactly the kind of blog I love. This post was in regards to a dead twitter and a flying whale. Brilliant.

The Perfect Hat For Your Ugly Mug
from The Art of Manliness by Brett & Kate McKay

How I Do It
from [chrisbrogan.com] by chrisbrogan

Where to start with Chris Brogan? He is an exceptionally nice guy, a wonderful geek and someone that I could have no problem calling a mentor and a friend. Here he explains how he gets the things that he does, done.

Hitman monkey
from Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures - I Can Has Cheezburger? by ichctcf

I get a very base pleasure out of LolCats. They never fail to cheer me up when i'm having a day that’s less than stellar.

Oh, Baby
from Have A Good Sandwich by Woy

This post means a lot to me as its Mike Woychecks first post about his new baby. Mike is someone that everyone in the Pittsburgh new media scene knows, likes, and in many cases, looks up to. So this was one of those rare moments where we could all come together and smile. I like that.

Don’t Look Now…
from DawnPapuga.com by Dawn Papuga

Dawn Papuga, spitfire, writer extraordinaire and very good friend. In this post she chronicles her battle of wits with a square piece of plastic. Dawn is an amazing writer and i’m especially a fan of her comedy.

The Brad Pitt Rule
from Everything And Nothing by Shawn Zehnder Lea

Another post from the lovely Ms Lea. This was originally a post from The Art of Manliness.

Morning procedure
from ThatNight.net by Rachel

One of my favorite posts of many from Rachel of ThatNight.net. This one addresses the morning ritual of her little dog (Belo) his pig (pig) and all the turmoil within. Amazing. I love it.

Notes From the Road ... The Home Edition
from Anthony Bourdain's Blog: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations : World, Travel, Food, Wine by Tony

At heart, i’m a foodie. An angry, bitter, broke foodie who can’t indulge in so many things. That’s part of the reason I enjoy former Les Halles head chef Anthony Bourdain so much. He’s a foodie at heart. A bitter, angry, rich foodie who can eat wherever he likes and gets paid for it. Snark in its finest form.

The United Nations, Encapsulated
from Overheard in New York

I could have filled this whole post with Overheard in New York links. This one is an excellent example of the wit that comes out of this site. Enjoy.

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