Bonus Haikus: Photo of the Day Edtion  

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Stoke Monkey sees you
Do not resist the monkey
Hes your friendly friend

There appears to be
An abundance of awesome
O wait, that's just us

Guys, look over there
I think we missed something
We were getting drunk

Its adorable
Justin thinks hes a zombie
Sometimes he eats brains


Have you heard about
Anns new shampoo shes using?
Makes Justin hungry

We are the Yinz team
Amazing, Infallible
Dear god the yellow


We are the Yinz team
We are better than your team
But not at softball

What did you just say?
Did you just call me a nerd?
How astute of you.

I am on to you
Your not fooling anyone
You son of a bitch

I fucking hate math
I will ruin your science
With claws and anger

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thecatladyin5Bsays Lol to the YINZ team better than... lol indeed.

October 1, 2008 at 3:52 PM

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