Character Creation 2: Reality 101 Hmwk  

Posted by Will Rutherford

Man 1: It is something that has to be done.

Man 2: I know.

Man 1: Then why aren't you giving the order?

Man 2: I thought we were done with all this. I prayed. No more blood on my hands. I thought I could finally sleep easy.

Man 1: Aint none of us can sleep easy. None of us who's left anyway.

Man 2: *sigh* There's no other way around this?

Man 1: None. Would I have come to you with this if there was another way? You know me better than that.

Man 2: Fine. Do it. And may God have mercy on us.

Man 1: You've been saying that for years.

Man 2: I know....

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