Secret C's  

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Hey there little guy
I hate you for a reason

We finally made it
Remind me not to let you
Steer ever again

They call him the Saint
There is no one that comes close
He is a legend

Friends, the time has come
There’s nothing that we can do
But stay on our feet

Fucking Mario
He gets a tight blonde princess
And I get death plants


O Seymore! Feed me!
Wait, I’m not in the right film
Damn mixing mythos

There are answers here
Everybody falls apart
Honor in the fall


Everyone falls down
When a fall is all there is
Its all that matters

Felt like forever
I finally made it here
What do I do now?

I cant believe it
This big green son of a bitch
Bastard's got no chance


Hulk no believe it
Tiny hairy man again
Hulk smash him fora good

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