The Consolidation Pt. 9  

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What the? What happened?
Robots? Avenger robots?
My hate is epic

I don't even like seafood!
Jesus that things huge!


They had had enough.
It was a time for revenge.
The Red Lobster wars

I know where she is
Hiding there in the shadows
Waiting, rocking out.

Gotta go Spidey.
You're a hero and that's great
But get the fuck out.


Man, This is awesome.
Spidermans helping me move
HEY! Get back to work!

Ohai! How are you?
It's ok, we are ok.
We're friends. We get by.

I remember you
It tugs at something deep inside
Echoing whats lost

Yes! I shall have thee!
My lack of thumbs is nothing!
Felis eduro!

It's quiet up here
This cacophony of noise
Cannot touch me here

Me likes rasp berries
Theys sweet on my tounguhlies
Nom nom nom nom nom

Everyone hustles
Everyone has thier dutys
Death is no different


Even Sith must work
Sith children get grounded too
No force! Mow the lawn.

To stand there with you
It's a simple thing to want
Where's my umbrella?

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I never tire of these. Keep 'em coming.

December 18, 2008 at 2:40 PM

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