Consolidated Collaboration Composition  

Posted by Will Rutherford

Ladies and Gentlemen, Once again I am honored to have one of my fellow Pittsburgh bloggers haikuing with me today. She's the author of I'm very pleased to have @BurghBaby with me on this post. This time we are mixing it up a little. The first 4 images you see were selected (and I beleive taken) by BurghBaby herself. (As usual BurghBabys haiku are in red)

Stop. Brake. Stop. Stop. Stop.
It's a tunnel, can't go fast.
Stop. Brake. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Wait. Are you ok?
Wait. Are you holding your breath?
Wait. I'll do it too.

City lies in wait
Is it a Superbowl year?
No sleep 'til Tampa

Here we go Steelers
They are more than just a team
The Steelers: Gods team

Wash wash wash the dirt
Not enough water, can't clean
the kid snot off the red ball

Little tiny orb
Small soaked beacon of joy
Dude, my dog loves you

His ghost watches on
Knows Bin Laden still walks free
Will Obama make it right?

Names of honored dead
It still burns; these old, deep wounds
The scars never fade

I'm left all alone
No sunshine, water, nor soil
I miss all my friends

It's like every time
Feel like I'm stretched paper thin
Can't we just be free?

Snot, poop, tears, and cries
I am ready for it all
I will tie him up

Damnit Superman
Stupid invisible jet
Where did I leave it?

Broken forever.
These angel wings will not work.
Am I bound for hell?

Cherish these echos
Sorrowful cocophany
Of who I once was

I've a secret, shhh,
Do not tell what you have seen.
She'll never guess it.

That light is still there
The tiny spark in your eyes
But is it for me?

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Wow that's brilliant!

January 14, 2009 at 9:49 AM

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