Between B and D  

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Underwater bot
I hate your damn robotness

An epic battle
So many dead and dieing
With breaks for dancing

Messengers take flight
Tell them what I have done here
Tell what awaits them

Ive travled through time
To end your evil notion
Lets see how this works

The hot pirate girl
Tries to give poisoned muffins
I smell mutiny

She waits for me there
Patiently she waits for me
But I cant find there

Whiny blonde bitch boy
Hes the one to bring balance
But cant farm moisture

Hes Jim Shireman
He is coach of the Yinz team
And he does approve


You weigh but 5 pounds
But your still so damn violent
Dangerous combo

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*Glances around, weighing her options. Seeing no other way, she rummages through her pack, finally withdrawing it. Unfurling her hand, she presents you with the most delicious looking muffin you've ever seen, her eyes dancing with malicious intent.*

Would a muffin?

August 5, 2008 at 12:22 PM

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