Friday Five: Unrelated  

Posted by Will Rutherford

1. Who lets you have your way more than you should?
Probably my boss. But I get the work done, so there's that.

2. According to the cliche, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but what’s the way to yours?
Pleasant conversation.

3. What’s something that should have been put away but hasn’t been?
The man that i have been battling for around 400 years now. We both gained our immortality around the same time and have been fighting ever since. I will have no peace until he is dead.

4. When did you last weigh yourself?
about a week ago. No I wont tell you what it said.

5. What do the cops in the donut shop say? :D
Ummmm.... Oink oink? Is that what your looking for here? How can we keep the black man down today? Something like that? They are out of glaze so I beat up the owners wife? That might work. Or how about Boy mates, this NWA disk sure is hip hoppity. Lets Jam!

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