NaBloPoMo Day 6: The homework  

Posted by Will Rutherford

Ok. Yes, I missed the homework assignment after clamoring for it to come back. I'm sorry Miss Papuga. BUT there is a new assignment up and I aim to be the first one done! Lets rock!

From Miss Papuga:
Don’t think, don’t weave intricate tales, don’t try to be brilliantly insightful. Just tell me who this is. You tell me as much as your creative mind allows, or as little. Some people’s first instinct when looking at an image is a snowball effect of ideas and stories.

Possible explanations for the young lady in the image:

  • She is a random drunk wondering around South Side.
  • She is a robot. Yes she is.
  • She is a deadly assassin who just killed a whole family.
  • She is the last person still upset about the Harry Potter series ended and every night she wonders the streets imagining a better ending for the series.
  • She is Jesus, returned but disgruntled.
  • Model with amnesia
  • She is auditioning for Lost in Translation 2: Electric Japanese Boogaloo
  • Sick Puppy has a daughter and she searches the streets attempting to find her assumed to be father.
  • Batman is a chick.
  • She is a tragic case, no memory of her life in Milan and her loving family there. one day she woke up in the united states with only what she had on her and she searches for answers ever since.
  • Aquaman is a chick and is REALLY lost.
  • Seriously. Robot girl.

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